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Anuradapura was a first capital city in srilanka. In 377 BC, King Pandukabhaya (437–367 BC) made it his capital and developed it into a prosperous city.Anuradhapura (Anurapura) was named after the minister who first established the village and after a grandfather of Pandukabhaya who lived there. Anuradhapura was the capital of all the monarchs who ruled the country during in the Anuradhapura Kingdom It is the one of world heritage site in srilanka. There are many historical archeological places to visit

Sri maha Bodhi (sacred Bo Tree) was brought from India . this tree brought as a sapling of the under the tree prince Sid hath attained enlightmemt . this tree is over 2000 years old. This is the old historical tree in the world.

Mihintale. It is the first sanctuary in the world, also where the place Buddhism introduced.

Ruvanweliseya this is one of the famous pagoda in srilanka it is belong to 2 century . it has bubble shape and 338 ft high.

Samadhi Buddha statue, considered one of the finest examples of ancient Sri Lankan art shows the Buddha in a seated position in deep meditation, and is sculpted from dolomite marble and is datable to the 4th century. Also you can see isurumuniya rock temple belong to 3rd century. Here is famous fro the rock craving.

Isurumuniya temple, built by King Devanampiyatissa, is located close to the Royal Pleasure Gardens by the side of Tisaveva (Tissa rainwater reservoir). Isurumuniya temple, built partly into a cave with a lovely pool in the front and with a boulder forming the rear wall, is a treasure-trove of exquisitely carved stone sculptures.

Kuttam Pokuna or twin ponds, a monument of great beauty and a superior engineering, were built for Buddhist monks at Abhayagiri Vihara for their daily baths. On architectural grounds, the ponds are assigned to the period between 8th and 10th century.
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