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Kalutara Beach

Kalutara is the first beach resort we reach traveling south of Colombo. Kalutara has a huge stretch of fine sand with Wadduwa to the north which is home to the area's top resorts. Kalutara heralds its presence with nothing less than the immense white gleaming dagoba of the Gangatilaka Vihara, immediately south of the long double-span bridge across the Kalu Ganga (River Black).

When the Dutch deserted the bustling spice port at Kalutara, they left behind canals linking the spice plantations. British replaced the inland estates with Rubber plantations. Though estates now produce rubber, traces of the old spice route are seen. By paddling through the tranquil waters of the old canals en route the little known & intriguing Richmond Castle, a few kilometers inland. Today, the bustling town is better known for its coconut palm gardens & for coconut-fiber mats, ropes & baskets.

The island's best quality "Mangoosteen" was introduced to Ceylon from Malaya in the early 19th century, (in season June to September) together with the economically important rubber. Mangosteens is a dark purple shiny fruit containing luscious, translucent segmented flesh of deliciously tart flavour. Mangoosteen is said to be at its best in June. Queen Victoria longed to taste on of these delectable fruits, but they did not travel well & she had to make do with mere descriptions.

Holidays in Kalutara offer laid back relaxation and a generous helping of authentic Sri Lankan culture, not to mention a dash of old colonial charm. This is an up-and-coming resort with a wonderful, palm fringed beach, although the nightlife remains pretty low key, so you won't get dancing 'til dawn. What you will get is plenty of beautiful, tropical scenery and several interesting sights, like the world's only hollow Buddhist shrine and an elegant plantation mansion, rather grandly named Richmond Castle.
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